Important Deadlines

  • Extended Abstract & Conference Paper Submission: extended to June 15th 2015


Extended abstract and conference paper submission:
The authors of accepted abstracts for ORAL and POSTER presentations are asked to upload either an extended abstract or a conference paper as follows:
Extended abstracts: 1 full page and may contain figures and tables. An extended abstract will not be peer-reviewed.
Conference papers: The conference papers should be minimum of 4 pages and maximum of 5 pages long with figures, tables, and references. All conference papers will be peer-reviewed. The positively evaluated  conference papers will be published by American Institute of Physics (AIP Publishing LLC ).
Please note that we will not accept conference papers that do not conform to the page limit (minimum 4 pages and maximum 5 pages).
The extended abstract (1 page) and conference paper (up to 5 pages) will be published in the conference proceedings and should be prepared using the same template, which can be downloaded by clicking the following link: [PAPER TEMPLATE-WORD DOC]
When you upload your paper (PDF), you need your brief CV & consent form as well. [CONSENT FORM DOWNLOAD]

The deadline both for extended abstract and conference paper submission is Monday, 15th June 2015.


Head of Symposium
1 Injection Molding & Molds Prof. em. John Vlachopoulos, McMaster University
2 Extrusion & Compounding Prof. Mosto Bousmina, Euro-Mediterranean University of Fes
3 Nanocomposites & Nanostructures Prof. Suprakas Sinha Ray, National Centre for Nano-structured Materials
4 Modeling & Simulation Prof. Markus Stommel, TU Dortmund
5 Natural Based & Biodegradable Polymers Prof. Christian Bonten, Universität Stuttgart
6 Rheology & Advanced Characterization Prof. Igor Emri, University of Ljubljana
7 Blends, Reactive Systems & Elastomers Prof. Udo Wagenknecht, Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung
8 Foams & Lightweight Structures Prof. Chul Park, University of Toronto
9 Recycling Prof. Kim Rageart, University of Gent


  Special Symposia   Head of Symposium
 1  Additive Manufacturing Prof. Jürgen Stampfl, TU Wien
 2  Materials for Medicine Prof. Stephan Laske, Montanuniversität Leoben
 3  Textiles and Fibres Dr. Rudolf Hufenus, EMPA St. Gallen
 4  Polymer Processing in Pharmacy Dr. Gerold Koscher, RCPE