LMPT ENSISA Université de Haute Alsace - Mulhouse, France

Title: Vascular and Valvular Diseases: the Potential of Textile

Symposium: Textiles and Fibres

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (ENSAM ParisTech, Paris, FRANCE)
PhD in Biomechanical Engineering (Université de Haute Alsace, Mulhouse, FRANCE)

R&D Manager at GEPROVAS (Strasbourg/FRANCE)
(non-profit organization, which promotes research activities in the field of cardiovascular devices)
Full Professor at Université de Haute Alsace (Mulhouse/FRANCE)

Professional Experience
    1 year as R&D engineer at SIEMENS (Munich/GERMANY)
    2 years as Sales Administration Coordinator at SOMFY GmbH (Tuebingen/GERMANY)
    9 years as a faculty at Université de Strasbourg (Strasbourg/FRANCE)
7 years as associate professor at Université de Haute Alsace (Mulhouse/FRANCE)
3 years as full professor at Université de Haute Alsace (Mulhouse/FRANCE)

6 months at NCState University, Raleigh, USA 

Society for Biomaterials
Fiber Society
Society for Heart Valve Disease