Center for Polymer & Materials Technologies, Ghent University - Zwinjnaarde, Belgium

Title: Challenges in the mechanical recycling of post-consumer solid plastic waste

Symposium: Recycling


Prof. Dr. Kim Ragaert obtained her PhD in Polymer Engineering in 2011. She lectures materials science and polymer processing at Ghent University’s  Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, where she holds a tenure track position as assistant professor in the domain of ‘Sustainable Use and Recycling of Polymers and Composites’. Her group is part of the Centre for Polymers and Materials Technologies (CPMT) research unit of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Current research within the group revolves around the (improvement of) processability and quality of recyled polymer-based materials. There is a focus on mixed recycled polymer blends, which face the challenge of their inherent immiscibility and ensuing quality loss. Research topics include the compatibilization of mixed recycled polymers, the processing of these materials into micro-fibrillar composites (MFC) and the quantification of their resource efficiency. Within the broader scope of sustainable materials use, design for and from recycling is conducted for polymer-based products.
Finally, prof. Ragaert is a member of SPE and PPS, and co-chair of the bi-annual Polymers and Moulds Innovations Conference.