Dep. Mat. Sci., Seoul National University - Kwanakro 1,Kwanakku, Seoul, Korea

Title: Static Yield Stress of a Magnetorheological Fluid COntaining Pickering Emulsion Polymerized Fe203/Polystyrene Composite Particles

Symposium: Rheology & Advanced Characterization

Professor Yongsok Seo

School of Materials Science and Engineering
College of Engineering, Seoul National University
Kwanakro-1, Kwanakku, Seoul , Korea 151-744
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1987 Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin (Chemical Engineering)
1984 M.S. University of Texas at Austin (Chemical Engineering)
1977 B.S. Seoul National University (School of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering)


Associate & Full Professor, Seoul National U. (2004 - )
Senior Researcher, KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology) (1989 – 2003)
Japan Society of Polymer Science Fellow (2009-2010)
Visiting Scientist, U. Michigan (Ann Arbor) (2006-2007)
Adjunct professor, Yonsei University (Chemical Engineering Dept.) (1987.3~1988.2)
Visiting Scientist, U. of Wisconsin-Madison (1992.3~1992.4; 1993.12~1995.2; 1995.12~1996.2; 199712.~1998.2; 2003.9~2003.12)
Postdoctoral Fellow, U. of Texas, Austin(1987. 5. – 1989.4)

Research Area

Energy harvesting nanocomposite materials processing (Photoelectric, Piezoelectric, Thermoelectric Materials)
Novel Thermotropic /X-linking liquid crystal polymer composite applications
Polymer processing and Rheology (Electrorheological/Magnetorheological fluids development)
3D printing polymeric nanocomposite materials

Recent Publications (Published more than 170 papers in SCI journals)

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