University of Naples - Naples, Italy

Title: Relations between rheology and microstructure in polyolefin-based crystalline elastomers

Symposium: Rheology & Advanced Characterization

Nino Grizzuti is Full Professor of Transport Phenomena and Rheology at the University of Naples. His research activity has developed mainly in the field of flow properties of polymeric systems, including:
•    Molecular modeling of polymer solutions and melts;
•    Rheology of polymer melts;
•    Rheology and rheo-optics of liquid crystalline polymers and polymer blends;
•    Phase transitions (both in absence and in presence of flow) of complex fluids;
•    Rheology and rheo-optics of suspensions;
•    Rheology of cement-based materials
He is author of about 100 publications, most of them published in international Journals or in internationally peer-reviewed books or meeting proceedings.
Currently he is Editor in Chief of "Journal of Polymer Engineering"