Plenary and Keynote Speakers


In alphabetical order

Altstaedt, Volker

Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH - Beyreuth, Germany

Title: Innovative process technology for endless fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites with integrated functionalities by injection molding

Symposium: Injection Molding & Molds

Baunemann, Rüdiger

Director General PlasticsEurope Deutschland e. V.

Regional Director Central Europe, PlasticsEurope

Title: Plastics, key driver for sustainability

Bonten, Christian

University of Stuttgart, Germany

Title: New In-line Measurements for an Evaluation of Precess Aids in the Injection Molding Process

Symposium: Injection Molding & Molds

Buchmeiser, Michael

University of Stuttgart- BW, Germany

Title: Highlights in high-performance carbon, ceramic and cellulosic fibers

Symposium: Textiles and Fibres

Carreau, Pierre

Polytechnique Montreal - Quebec, Canada

Title: Effects of Nanoclay on Stabilizing PLA/PBAT Blends´Morphology under Shear Flow

Symposium: Blends, Reactive Systems & Elastomers

Coates, P. D.

University of Bradford (West-Yorkshire), United Kingdom

Title: Advances in high precision micromoulding

Symposium: Injection Molding & Molds

Covas, Jose A.

University of Minho - Guimaraes, Portugal

Title: A small-scale experimental set-up for processing-related materials characterization

Symposium: Rheology & Advanced Characterization

Diegel, Olaf

Lund University - Lund, Sweden

Title: 3 D Printing the Future

Symposium: Additive Manufacturing

Godec, Damir

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture - Zagreb, Croatia

Title: Performance comparison of low-budget 3D printers

Symposium: Additive Manufacturing

Gosh, Anup K.

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi - New India, India

Title: CO2 induced crystallization and foaming behavior of PLA

Symposium: Foams and Lightweight Structures

Grizzuti, Nino

University of Naples - Naples, Italy

Title: Relations between rheology and microstructure in polyolefin-based crystalline elastomers

Symposium: Rheology & Advanced Characterization

Gruber, Dieter P.

Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH - Steiermark, Austria

Title: First integrated human like machine vision system for the surface inspection of curved injection molded parts

Symposium: Injection Molding & Molds

Heim, Frederic

LMPT ENSISA Université de Haute Alsace - Mulhouse, France

Title: Vascular and Valvular Diseases: the Potential of Textile

Symposium: Textiles and Fibres

Hinestroza, Juan

Cornell University - NY, USA

Title: Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFS) as platforms for the creation of multifunctional textile substrates

Symposium: Textiles and Fibres

Hufenus, Rudolf

Empa St. Gallen, Switzerland

Title: Melt-spun liquid-filled polymeric fibers

Symposium: Textiles and Fibres

Jana, Sadhan C.

University of Akron - Ohio, USA

Title: Functional Materials Design at Nanoscale

Symposium: Nanocomposite Materials & Processing

Kamal, Musa R.

McGill University - Quebec, Canada

Title: The Enhancement of Cellulose Nano Crystal (CNC) Melt Dispersion in PLA and PP Nanocomposites

Symposium: Nanocomposites Materials & Processing

Katschnig, Matthias

Department of Polymer Engineering and Science, Polymer Processing - Styria, Austria

Title: Rec2TecPart - A New Process For Technical Components Based On Recyclates

Symposium: Recycling

Kikutani, Takeshi

Tokyo Institute of Technology - Tokyo, Japan

Title: Structure control of hight-speed melt-spun fibers of a new crystalline polycycloolefin utilizing bicomponent spinning and annealing processes

Symposium: Textiles and Fibres

Kukla, Christian

Montanuniversität Leoben - Styria, Austria

Title: Control shear stress method to measure yield stress of highly filled polymer melts

Symposium: Rheology & Advanced Characterization

Labrenz, Matthias

Senior Scientist at the Leibniz- Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemuende (IOW)

Title: Microplastics in the Ocean


Maazouz, Abderrahim

National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) de Lyon -Villeurbanne, France

Title: Compounding and Melt strengthening of blends based on poly (lactic acid) - rheological investigations, Structure-properties relationships for forming process

Symposium: Natural Based & Biodegradable Polymers

Menary, Gary

Queen´s University of Belfast - Belfast, United Kingdom

Title: Modelling and Instrumentation of the Stretch Blow Moulding Process

Symposium: Modeling & Simulation

Mitsoulis, Evan

NTUA, Zografou, Greece

Title: Some Experiences on Extrudate Swell with the K-BKZ Model

Symposium: Modelling & Simulation

Münstedt, Helmut

UNI Erlangen-Nürnberg - Erlangen, Germany

Title: Elongational rheology and its role for polymer processing

Symposium: Rheology & Advanced Characterization

Park, Chul B.

University of Toronto - Ontario, Canada

Title: Visualization of Crystallization in Extrusion Foaming of Polypropylene

Symposium: Foams & Lightweight Structures

Paudel, Amrit

Research center pharmaceutical engineering - Styria, Austria

Title: Linking processing routes to molecular miscibility, in vitro performance and physical stability of amorphous drug-polymer solid dispersion

Symposium: Polymer Processing in Pharmacy

Pedrazzoli, Diego

Case Western Reserve University - Cleveland, USA

Title: Synergistic Effects of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene in Thermoplastic Polyurethane Nanocomposites

Symposium: Nanocomposite Materials & Processing

Pinter, Gerald

Montanuniversität Leoben - Styria, Austria

Title: The cyclic CRB Test - A quick test for assessing the long term fracture behavior of polymers

Symposium: Rheology & Advanced Characterization

Pötschke, Petra

Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e.V. - Saxony, Germany

Title: Comparison of the efficiency of direct incorporation and masterbatch dilution on filler dispersion in small-scale melt mixed polypropylene-carbon nanotube composites

Symposium: Nanocomposites Materials / Processing

Radusch, Hans-Joachim

University Halle-Wittenberg (Sachsen-Anhalt), Germany

Title: Influence of blending, annealing and reprocessing on morphology and properties of polylactide

Symposium: Natural Based & Biodegradable Polymers

Ragaert, Kim

Center for Polymer & Materials Technologies, Ghent University - Zwinjnaarde, Belgium

Title: Challenges in the mechanical recycling of post-consumer solid plastic waste

Symposium: Recycling

Rauwendaal, Chris J.

Rauwendaal Extrusion Engineering, Inc. - California, USA

Title: Efficient Troubleshooting of Extrusion Problems

Symposium: Extrusion & Compounding

Sakai, Tadamoto

Shizuoka University - Tokyo, Japan

Title: Role of a twin screw extruder to control morphologies of polymer blends in reactive processing technology

Symposium: Blends, Reactive Systems & Elastomers

Satinath, Bhattacharya

RMIT University, Victoria, Australia

Title: The influence of graphene nano-platelets (GNP) on the lectromagnetic interference shielding effectivenedd of biodegradable poly (butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) (PBAT) nanocomposites

Symposium: Nanocomposites Materials & Processing

Schöppner, Volker

University of Paderborn, Germany

Title: Current developments in extrusion simulation

Symposium: Modelling & Simulation

Shih-Jung, Liu

Chang Gung University - Tao-Yuan, Taiwan

Title: Sequential Release of Acetylsalicylic Acid and Paclitaxel from Biodegradable Nanofibrous Stents for Promoting Endothelial Recovery and Reducing Neointimal Hyerplasia

Symposium: Polymer Processing in Pharmacy

Studart, André R.

Associate Professor at ETH Zurich, Department of Materials
Laboratory for Complex Materials

Title: Microstructured Polymer-based Composites inspired by Nature

Venerus, David

Illinois Institute of Technology - IL, USA

Title: Rheological behavior of polymer melts in equibiaxial elongational flow

Symposium: Rheology & Advanced Characterization

Vlachopoulos, John

MCMASTER University - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Title: The Role af Additives and Calcium Carbonate Filler in Rigid PVC Pipe Extrusion

Symposium: Extrusion & Compounding

Wagenknecht, Udo

Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e.V. - Dresden, Germany

Title: A new way to design the morphology of multiphase polymer materials

Symposium: Blends, Reactive Systems & Elastomers

Wiessner, Sven

Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e.V. - Saxony, Germany

Title: Filled elastomers - from mechanical reinforcement to integrated functionality

Symposium: Blends, Reactive Systems & Elastomers

Wilczynski, Krzysztof

Warsaw University of Technology - Warsaw, Poland

Title: Modeling for Single Screw Extrusion of Wood Plastic Composites

Symposium: Extrusion & Compounding

Wolf, Sven

Leistritz Extrusionstechnik GmbH - Bavaria, Germany

Title: Viscosity of Colour Masterbatches and its Influence on WPC Production

Symposium: Extrusion & Compounding

Yongsok, Peter Seo

Dep. Mat. Sci., Seoul National University - Kwanakro 1,Kwanakku, Seoul, Korea

Title: Static Yield Stress of a Magnetorheological Fluid COntaining Pickering Emulsion Polymerized Fe203/Polystyrene Composite Particles

Symposium: Rheology & Advanced Characterization